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Print Media

DPF 6500
A gloss white, cast, translucent film with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive.

DPF 6000RP Clear
A gloss clear cast film with tinted, high tack, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Flexible Substrates

ColorKote TC
21 oz. cast PVC coated with premium ink and covered with FX.

6-year Eradicable Flexible Substrate.

DPF 390
A bright white flexible media for back illuminated signage and awnings.

FlexFace® FX
21 oz. PVC flexible substrate for internally illuminated signs, awnings, and canopies.

PlastiPrint FX
High quality sign faces for corporate images.

Cut Graphics

Series 2100/2200
A a 2-mil (50 micron) cast film is extra formable, thereby providing exceptional conformability, even on deep recesses and channel constructions on vans. 

Series 2500
A a premium 2-mil cast vinyl designed specifically for back or internally illuminated signage. 

Series 5500
A diffuser film is an environmentally friendly alternative to back spraying with paint.

Series 5570
A cast Block Out Film is ideal for internally illuminated signage and displays where light transmission is not desired.

Series 5590
A Dual Color Film allows internally illuminated signs to be seen as one color during the day, while at night either white or a second color.