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Color Change Newcomers, Welcome.

newcomers welcome - wrapped in Arlon's Ultimate PremiumPlus True Blood by AutoKesmetx

The automotive aftermarket is still enthralled by the phenomenon of customizing a personal vehicle with color change vinyl instead of a paint job. This is an exciting industry to be a part of and with the ever-growing demand of customization; more career opportunities continue to open up. Being new to the color change world requires patience with projects, creativity with cars, and an incredible attention to detail. Let’s go over some essentials you’ll need to know as you start to undertake some color change jobs.

Cleaning and Surface Preparation

Channels and folds often present problems a few weeks after application; this is either from not being degreased or the film not being heat-set correctly. Clean thoroughly and manage heat and tension to ensure optimal adhesion. - Cleaning the Surface

Application is Key

Your performance is your reputation. Bubbles, wrinkles, and other blemishes happen; they could be tricky to remove. Learning proper techniques without compromising the integrity of your wrap will help take your skills to the next level. - Application is Key

Time to Restyle

Thanks to vinyl applications, the ease of color change has never been easier. From car meet-ups to conventions, everyone is always looking for that color to be the talk of town. The amount of ways to mix colors, accents, and texture is virtually endless – and also gives the ability to maintain the manufacturer’s original paint keeping the resale value intact. Remove with care.

WrapItRight and Succeed

These are just a few of the essentials to help you excel into your career as a vinyl application guru. Arlon is committed to your success and has a ton of other videos to help you on your road to success at - Restyling a vehicle

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