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Future Trends in the Automotive Restyling World

Keeping Up with Cool

The Automotive Restyling industry mirrors the fashion industry. What is a trend today can be old tomorrow. As the limits of restyling are continuously pushed into new directions, the trends continuously evolve. Not too long ago, having a matte black vehicle was the sought-after trend. Today, matte black wraps on vehicles can be spotted more often than ever and it is no longer as unique as it once was.

So the real question is what is next?

Like fashion, trends come in seasons. The next season of restyling trends are calling for effects that are nearly unattainable with paint. Restyling is again pushing the limits of “cool”. With a mix of car enthusiasts and exotic car vehicle owners daring to be different, we see the market taking turns towards a few different concepts.

Concept One: Chrome Effects

This concept is probably the most exciting and interesting one of them all. Like the matte black wrap, when silver chrome made its initial debut, it was HOT!!! Today, people want to take it further with different colors, finishes, and even texturized chromes. Although these chrome effects typically come at a higher cost and are being self-created with mixed and matched components, these effects will take automotive restyling to places it has never even seen before. Anything to demand attention and at any cost, that is what is driving this trend.

Concept Two: Ultra Glossy Metallic Colors

The market is calling for loud colors with an even larger metallic flake. These eye-catching colors and sparkle are sure to get you noticed! From silver to gold, red to blue, green to orange, this glitz and glam trend is where it’s at. This ‘glitter effect,’ albeit from the 90’s, is making its entry back into the industry and people can’t get enough!

Concept Three: Color Shift

This is sometimes also referred to as “chameleon” films. This film shows one color shifting to another all based on where the light is reflecting. While this might seem a little strange, this trend is making noise and the market is calling for it in countless different color combinations. Having a vehicle go from purple to green, or pink to blue is all the rage and this trend isn’t slowing down. We see tons of future interest in color shifts from black to vibrant colors, but these are best appreciated in the sun.

Automotive restyling is always pushing the limits of ‘cool’ and restylers are always expecting new innovative films from manufacturers. Restyling is all about being different, separating you out from ‘stock’; with what is coming in the pipeline for this market, we can only imagine the masterpieces that will be born from these new trends. What do you think will be the next up and coming trend?

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