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Commercial Wraps VS. Color Change Wraps

Many Commercial Wrappers want to offer Color Change Wraps as another service! There is a whole new mindset that goes with full vehicle wrapping for the sole reason of changing a vehicles color simply to make a statement about personal style.

First let’s take a look at the differences between Commercial and Color Change Wraps. Commercial Wrap customers are typically satisfied if their message is clearly displayed on their vehicle, they get the service life out of the product they were promised and the application is done proficiently and in a timely manner; in that order! Commercial Wrap customers need their wraps to advertise their products and services but are usually price sensitive. Color Change Wrap customers are very different. They are satisfied only if the application is paint perfect. Color Change Wraps are something your customer wants instead of needs so they are priced differently. Typically a Color Change Wrap will take three days and customers are not as concerned with service life since they change the color of their vehicles frequently.

Key Points To Consider:

  1. Marketing: Social Media plays a large role in selling Color Change Wraps and attracting car enthusiasts to your shop.  All of the successful Color Change Wrappers world-wide post their work and concepts on sites like Instagram and Facebook frequently. You can get a good amount of walk-in business wrapping side view mirrors, hoods, roofs and spoilers with accent colors.  Most Color Change Wrappers attend or display at local car meets and automotive events as well.
  1. Level of Detail: Above, we mentioned that detail is of high importance.  Every corner must look like paint, every cut along an edge must be precise and clean and inlays must be used instead of overstretching the vinyl in deep recesses.  Many of the techniques needed to achieve this level of detail are not needed in a standard Commercial Wrap so may not be common practice in your shop. We strongly suggest visiting Arlon’s application training website to learn these techniques and then register to become WrapItRight Certified for Automotive so that these techniques become second nature when applying a Color Change Wrap.
  1. Have All the Right Tools: Sometimes Color Change customers ask to have their cars “Dipped” which means that door jambs get wrapped and bumpers and wheels must come off!  To do this with any level of success you must have the right tools which include a portable lift, bumper stands, door handlers, go jacks and film handlers.  In order to properly use the techniques you learn at you will need infrared heaters, liner cutters, wet edge squeegees and many other specialty hand tools.  All of these tools can be found at

Color Change Wraps require you to have a whole new mindset towards detail and best application practices. Those installers who embrace these concepts and implement them can add this new and exciting profit center to their existing Commercial Wrap business with great success!


Ritchie Daize

Business Development Manager

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  • May 4, 2016 at 5:02 AM

    I didn’t stop to consider that there might be a difference between color change and commercial wraps so thanks for the insight. This is a useful post and it makes me want to get a color change post for my car.

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