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Digital Printing

Installing Exterior Wall Graphics

Things To Consider

Printed graphics on walls are a great way to transform a plain blockade to an exciting, money-making and eye-catching display. Additionally, installing exterior wall graphics are still the best way to express creativity and generate another means of promotion.

Compared to interior walls, exterior walls present more challenges when it comes to the product selection and application techniques. For example, exterior walls can be made out of concrete, bricks or cinder blocks with finishes ranging from smooth to extremely textured. With this in mind, take note if the surface is primed, painted, sealed or has no coating at all.

Relatively smooth exterior walls can share the same installation procedure as interior walls, but what about textured walls? We’ll explore how to apply printed graphics on exterior cinder block walls.

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Automotive Restyling

The Secrets of Washing a Matte Wrap

Secrets to cleaning a matte wrap

Color change films provide multiple restyling options that spray painting cannot achieve. In addition to cool colors, effects and sheens, they also act as a protection for the underlying paint for late-model cars. However, films are significantly softer than paint; and surface contaminants – if left unattended – tend to damage films faster than on paint. Dust, road grime, water spots and skin oil generate a localized area where heat and UV rays work overtime. Just like paint, maintenance is important to keep the wrap in top condition. Due to the sensitivity of wraps, many end-users get stumped on how to maintain them, especially matte wrap finishes.

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